Versatile Content With Drupal

Drupal is an English-American way of pronouncing the Dutch-Flemish word “Druppel” which means drop. More than just a word, Drupal is an open-sourced CMS platform which is built around the core issues of software development like:

• Scalability
• Flexibility & Customization
• User friendliness for non-technical personnel
• Affordability
• Continuous security upgrades

There are companies like Avio Consulting, Rain forest Alliance, Care known for using Drupal. The services offered by Drupal takes it several steps ahead than just being a platform for Content Management. It’s a digital experience platform that understands the fact that websites are not the last stop for web-content. Today web content is shared using numerous ways and through several mediums. Gone are the days when email and static web pages were the only way of sharing online information. With the advent of handheld devices like tablets and smartphones, PCs are already the end of their age. Drupal understands this and helps the user to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time through the right medium (smartphones, tablets etc.).


Drupal offers a variety of services for web development to facilitate development of new interactive web applications. With Drupal Development of components like interactive drop-downs, sliders and responsive themes become a breeze. It significantly reduces the development time of the web application, thereby reducing the overall cost of web development. Using Drupal the web applications can be quickly Click Here customized for the devices they will be viewed on. For the existing users of Drupal upgrading the web application from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is even easier as Drupal offers a built-in tool to do the same.

The most notable advantages of using Drupal over other CMS platforms are:

-Rapid & Agile Web 2.0 development. Drupal offers a clean mark-up code out of the box. Pre-compiled templates for blog publishing, content management, search, polls, forums etc. are available to be used and customized as per personal needs.

-It offers 16000+ modules like CRM, Social Media plugs and can be seen as LEGO of the website development world.

-Its 100% free. Being open source software the developer is not bound to licences and proprietary fees.

-Constant security patches and updates are the the base of Drupal platform thereby helping to safeguard the website from online exploits.

Drupal supports a lot of open APIS and Modules thereby facilitating the integration of payment gateways and other e-commerce platforms. There are a number of complete 3rd-party eCommerce ready drupal distributions available to help speed up web application development.

The Drupal platform is the best way of self-learning and building up a new blog or site with high-end technological instrument and tools which are inbuilt in this software.

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