Things That Makes Drupal 8 The Best In The Industry

When the internet itself got viral there were quick needs for designers and programmers to deliver websites in time. This led to the emergence of Content Management System (CMS). Drupal stands one of the most powerful content management frameworks with high performance and security. With new Drupal 8 version you get introduced to the features which make framework the best in the industry. Below we have mentioned some of them with distinct specification.

SCALABILITY:- For businesses running small to large corporate sites Drupal 8 has the strong fundamental core and scalable environment for matching requirements perfectly. With RESTful APIs you can easily connect with 3rd party application with JSON code. Being able to install Drupal in more than 100 languages is another strong multilingual characteristic of this Drupal 8 version. Modules have been upgraded with better functionality, higher speed and performance. There are no standard restrictions or parameters that you should follow giving space and freedom to integrating ideas and collaboration.

TWIG:- Twig is the latest addition to Drupal 8 from its old PHP template theme system taken from Symphony framework. This Theming engine allows easy editing of HTML/CSS portion as it separated this section from PHP codes in the page build-up. Twig security has further enhanced the Drupal 8 with impeccable performance.

CONTENT AUTHORING:- This is most salient feature of this version i.e. control over content authoring. Customizing content in this Drupal 8 version is incredible with WYSIWYG editor with formatting buttons for bold, italic, images and link. These changes are quick, easy click here and provide seamless customization in regular maintenance of your website.


MOBILE FIRST PRIORITY:- Making mobile sites is now the core strength of Drupal 8 with its APIs that can be used for mobile apps. This mobile first approach allows developers to follow responsive nature with being SEO friendly and also loading speed with respect to cache has improved a lot too.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT:- Ongoing support for Drupal Community is huge with more than 6, 00,000 regularly contributing to make Drupal stronger day by day. For more than 15 years these active members contributed with code, Scripts, tests that made Drupal 8 possible too. If you got struck or having issue regarding any functionality just post and you will get right solution every time.

SPEED & USER Friendly:- Developing websites with Drupal 8 is fast and user friendly. Front end performance especially for anonymous has improvised from several end-to-end improvements. Page loading and caching are the major factors for better performance. Caching is efficiently capable which takes very low time in re-rendering content again.

At Techseria our Drupal Team is well skilled and provides efficient solutions for clients with assured solutions. From building things from scratch, migration and maintenance, our developers trained in understanding your site issues with 24×7 communications. We have already completed more that 250 projects based on drupal only and have extensive information for obtaining maximum performance for your business with best ROI.  So if you are looking for Drupal development than consult with experts at Techseria now!


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