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Things That Makes Drupal 8 The Best In The Industry

When the internet itself got viral there were quick needs for designers and programmers to deliver websites in time. This led to the emergence of Content Management System (CMS). Drupal stands one of the most powerful content management frameworks with high performance and security. With new Drupal 8 version you get introduced to the features which make framework the best in the industry. Below we have mentioned some of them with distinct specification.

SCALABILITY:- For businesses running small to large corporate sites Drupal 8 has the strong fundamental core and scalable environment for matching requirements perfectly. With RESTful APIs you can easily connect with 3rd party application with JSON code. Being able to install Drupal in more than 100 languages is another strong multilingual characteristic of this Drupal 8 version. Modules have been upgraded with better functionality, higher speed and performance. There are no standard restrictions or parameters that you should follow giving space and freedom to integrating ideas and collaboration.

TWIG:- Twig is the latest addition to Drupal 8 from its old PHP template theme system taken from Symphony framework. This Theming engine allows easy editing of HTML/CSS portion as it separated this section from PHP codes in the page build-up. Twig security has further enhanced the Drupal 8 with impeccable performance.

CONTENT AUTHORING:- This is most salient feature of this version i.e. control over content authoring. Customizing content in this Drupal 8 version is incredible with WYSIWYG editor with formatting buttons for bold, italic, images and link. These changes are quick, easy click here and provide seamless customization in regular maintenance of your website.


MOBILE FIRST PRIORITY:- Making mobile sites is now the core strength of Drupal 8 with its APIs that can be used for mobile apps. This mobile first approach allows developers to follow responsive nature with being SEO friendly and also loading speed with respect to cache has improved a lot too.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT:- Ongoing support for Drupal Community is huge with more than 6, 00,000 regularly contributing to make Drupal stronger day by day. For more than 15 years these active members contributed with code, Scripts, tests that made Drupal 8 possible too. If you got struck or having issue regarding any functionality just post and you will get right solution every time.

SPEED & USER Friendly:- Developing websites with Drupal 8 is fast and user friendly. Front end performance especially for anonymous has improvised from several end-to-end improvements. Page loading and caching are the major factors for better performance. Caching is efficiently capable which takes very low time in re-rendering content again.

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Versatile Content With Drupal

Drupal is an English-American way of pronouncing the Dutch-Flemish word “Druppel” which means drop. More than just a word, Drupal is an open-sourced CMS platform which is built around the core issues of software development like:

• Scalability
• Flexibility & Customization
• User friendliness for non-technical personnel
• Affordability
• Continuous security upgrades

There are companies like Avio Consulting, Rain forest Alliance, Care known for using Drupal. The services offered by Drupal takes it several steps ahead than just being a platform for Content Management. It’s a digital experience platform that understands the fact that websites are not the last stop for web-content. Today web content is shared using numerous ways and through several mediums. Gone are the days when email and static web pages were the only way of sharing online information. With the advent of handheld devices like tablets and smartphones, PCs are already the end of their age. Drupal understands this and helps the user to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time through the right medium (smartphones, tablets etc.).


Drupal offers a variety of services for web development to facilitate development of new interactive web applications. With Drupal Development of components like interactive drop-downs, sliders and responsive themes become a breeze. It significantly reduces the development time of the web application, thereby reducing the overall cost of web development. Using Drupal the web applications can be quickly Click Here customized for the devices they will be viewed on. For the existing users of Drupal upgrading the web application from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is even easier as Drupal offers a built-in tool to do the same.

The most notable advantages of using Drupal over other CMS platforms are:

-Rapid & Agile Web 2.0 development. Drupal offers a clean mark-up code out of the box. Pre-compiled templates for blog publishing, content management, search, polls, forums etc. are available to be used and customized as per personal needs.

-It offers 16000+ modules like CRM, Social Media plugs and can be seen as LEGO of the website development world.

-Its 100% free. Being open source software the developer is not bound to licences and proprietary fees.

-Constant security patches and updates are the the base of Drupal platform thereby helping to safeguard the website from online exploits.

Drupal supports a lot of open APIS and Modules thereby facilitating the integration of payment gateways and other e-commerce platforms. There are a number of complete 3rd-party eCommerce ready drupal distributions available to help speed up web application development.

The Drupal platform is the best way of self-learning and building up a new blog or site with high-end technological instrument and tools which are inbuilt in this software.

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Features of Drupal CMS Web Development that You Cannot Ignore

Drupal is a free for all open source software that can be used by experienced and inexperienced programmers or companies who may or may not have the required technical skills needed for for website creation, development and management which can be used easily across multiple devices. It is most suitable for websites which are involved in the businesses of content or information, e-commerce and community.

WordPress is a better choice for newbies and Joomla CMS is usually the preferred choice of expert web designers for e-commerce websites. Drupal web development is more popular than even Joomla and WordPress for web development despite Drupal being a little tougher to execute than the other CMS’s.


One major reason for any developer to prefer a Drupal website is that its tailor made solutions take no time to implement as compared to other web development CMS’s. This is applicable even for e-commerce websites and is also the reason for it accounting for over 2% of all the internet’s websites!!

The major advantages of Drupal are:-

Mobile ready

It is easy to build highly responsive sites that are easy to navigate and provide excellent user experiences across all devices, especially mobile phones. Drupal has been designed to integrate smart devices in a manner that lets businesses exploit all digital marketing opportunities that are available for desktop websites, thus helping website owners to get leads and other data that they may have missed otherwise.

API friendly

It is easy to integrate new modules like e-commerce and payment gateways as it has open access to APIs and modules. This does not cause a developer any discomfort as it has many pre-determined solutions for payment gateways, shopping carts, logistics, CRM, etc. You can also customize any particular solution if you need to. Also, all major social media companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc provide API support. Drupa website developers can click here easily build customizable solutions and modules using these well known API supporters.

Another major advantage that one can get with Drupal is the ease with which you can connect to any other leading or minor external media, file, servers, solution provider, etc. This seamless integration of APIs helps you to easily engage with a bigger audience that gets you more leads and business.

Lower costs of web development

Drupal is an open source software, i.e. Drupal – its main software, modules (more than 16,000), themes and other tools that developers usually pay for are all available for free. Key aspects like CRM, Social media, performance, SEO, backup for migration, security, etc are available for free. This reduces costs significantly. Installation of CMS files is all you need to do to start working.

Easy to scale up

This is one of the major reasons for Drupal’s popularity – it is easy to scale up without any need to make any major changes. It has some of the World’s most popular sites which have a lot of traffic – Nascar, Time Inc, White House, Grammys. One can start with 10 easy pages and can scale up to 10,000 pages easily, without you making any major changes. They ensure that your site will not face any problems in case of any sudden growth in traffic –thus, eliminating a major headache for corporate.

SEO optimization

Drupal has strong modules, powerful and clean coding and a contemporary publishing system that makes it one of the most SEO friendly CMS. One also has the option of plugging in some external SEO tools that can help your website be more SEO friendly, .ie display your site in a way that is acceptable to search engines.


Drupal is the perfect solution for all corporate and developers who wish to make excellent websites in a reasonable amount of time for a fraction of the cost.

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Why Drupal IS The One For Future?


When it comes to functionality, security and safety Drupal is the one that stands tall among all the CMS. Being Open source content Management (CMS) and built on the base of symphony PHP framework. It’s robust and premium features that are readily available make it the most pleasing for developing enterprise-level applications. Many free responsive themes available online provide a lot of options to choose to build their website in specific theme. More than 8000+ free plugins, modules are used to add new dimensions for websites. Along with all these incredible features Drupal is highly customization which allows custom development for developing rich functionality websites.

Drupal is one of the most secured CMS with its convincing modules and programs that enable very highly firm security. Backup and Migration in Drupal CMS is simply performed by modules only, giving effective space for managing sites. Drupal eCommerce has been continuously used for building high complex sites and provide amazing user experience to its viewers. It’s highly scalable architecture allows you to handle large traffic easily with unmatched performance. With proficient multi-currency and multilingual support Drupal adjusts to international viewers effectively.

SEO friendliness is one another major factor that Drupal ranks above than its competitors. SEO enhancing modules that are available easily like Pathauto, Meta Tag, SEO Checklist, and Link Checker etc further boost the prospect of this incredible CMS. Some of the essentials features required for effective SEO Page Title, Path redirect, Global redirect, Custom 404 error page, XML Sitemap, taxonomy, content optimizer and HTML purifier all of them makes things so easy for on-page customizations.

Along with all this Drupal has one of the most effective and large community support to handle atypical issues and problems arising from the complexity of the code. Every day new sites are built in this CMS and more developers add data to this online database. With continous updates and upgrades, Drupal future looks promising to withhold its position among the CMS as the most sophisticate one. Techseria is one of the prime companies for Drupal Development with proficient results. Our developers are experienced and skilful who delivers with exceptional performance. We have served clients across U.S., UK, Australia and Europe with high rate of success.       Source :- Click Here