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API Led Connectivity In Mulesoft

Corporate large businesses have complex system of integration which needs to be managed by Multiple API Led-Connectivity As digital transformation or data sharing is must for multi-national companies for providing quality services to their customers. New world technology requires advanced level information sharing among them like Internet of things (IoT), SaaS (Software as Service) and different mobile platforms. This connectivity needed to be quick and provide reliable solution for better stability and MuleSoft Anypoint PlatformTM offers these services with high level performance.


This API led connectivity provides systematic Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for integrating with complex modern system. There are three layers of API that this complex sharing which makes your business connectivity better than ever before.

System Layer API: These are the main backend API containing information in real data like Customer details etc. They have all the information in systematic manner and are not accessible to the end customers.

Process Layer API: Process layers include the common part that is takes information from System layers and uses common logic that in multiple integration for processing. Specific tasks are allocated to these API and have complete access to all data.

ExperienceLayer API: These layers API are the ones that deliver information to real time devices (Laptops, desktop, smartphone etc). Experience APIs allows data to be reconfigured for the customers for point-to-point integrations for every channel required.


MuleSoft Anypoint PlatformTM is one impeccable enterprise solution that makes application integration, digital transformation and end-to-end connectivity possible as API-led connectivity platform. Integration of these API systems has resulted into more than twice high performance, seamless systems connectivity and data sharing with affordable reduction in costs too. MuleSoft initiative to lead future technology is quite comprehensible in terms of business value and Techseria as certified partner is proud to be associated with this technology. We have special teams that take of MuleSoft integration in your business system for collaborating into sustainable futuristic solutions.